New release: SBOPRepositoryExplorer v3.0.1 (comercial)

New features and corrections with the release 3.0.1 of SBOPRepositoryExplorer (comercial).

In this version you can find the following improvements:
- Performance Issue in queries improved. Users's table was split in two tables: USERS and USERS_DETAIL. SAP BO BI CMS takes a long time with some data like SI_FULLNAME & SI_EMAIL
- "Universe Folder Name" and "Connection Folder Name" are now getting the correct values
- Tables are now with more complete fields (Ex: personal folders)
- All these 8 fields have values: Connection Database, Connection Is Olap, Connection Networklayer, Connection Timestamp, Connection Uses Dbmapping, Connection Uses SSO, Connection Client Params, Connection Is BICS
- Folders Performance improvement
- Favourites Folders Performance improvement
- Documents Performance improvement
- Personal Documents Performance improvement

In this release you can find these new features:
- New Users hierarchy options, two ways to understand the relation between users and groups:
    + user is member of what groups (included children and parents in the path) --> GROUPS_FLATHIERARCHY
    + Groups and their structure and users included directly in such groups --> GROUPS_HIERARCHY
- See the password in relational connections
- Added the Schedule Status: Success, Failed, Paused labels
- Were added predefined dates for the filters: Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, This Year and even Next Week, Next Month, Next Year, etc for Schedules, Instances and LCM Jobs.
- The measures with numbers have a workaround found for DATATYPE (adding +0)
- Use time and time prompts
- More filters for time period in the universe

New release: SBOPRepositoryExplorer v2.0.6 (comercial)

New features and corrections with the release 2.0.6 of SBOPRepositoryExplorer (comercial).

In this version you can find the following improvements:
- New method to get all data included migrated from previous versions in: Personal Folders, Personal Documents (Favorites), Public Documents and Public Folders
- Was added to Personal Folders a new field to identify which is the personal username of that folder, inclusive when it is not the owner
- Was corrected connection properties method for 3.1